Another week, another blog post. This week has been better for my writing count but not as kind to my reading goal. To get right to the point I have a total of 12 pages for this week’s writing goal, which is grand considering I only needed to have 10 pages done. Unfortunately I still haven’t quite earned back week one’s debt, but A few long weekends will remedy that. My reading has dropped to a lowly 10 pages total, but tonight I will be free to crack open the book I’ve been reading this month, Phoenix Rising: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel. It’s a lovely Steampunk romp in Victorian London. The chapters themselves breeze thanks to authors Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris for putting their natural banter into their characters Eliza D. Braun and Wellington Thornhill Books, Esquire.

There isn’t much to report today really, I’ve learned more from listening to podcasts this week instead of from writing for one. I still am not sure what Podiobook style I want to adopt for this story. Whether I want to write a single Novella or a serialized story much like television scripts (Doctor Who?). Whether I will write prose or script, or a little bit of both? The things that must be thought before one even takes out the red pen, Sigh.

Still, the more I get into the story at hand, the clearer all this will become. For now I’m leaning towards a more prose friendly podcast, although it is still up in the air whether it is a single continuous story or an episodic one is still up for debate. I keep meaning to explain the story and to prove to you that I will post BEFORE the entire project is due, I offer up this sample of my work. It is open to discussion and suggestions as are all the things I bring up in this post.

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If one were to ask me on a normal day, what my favorite class is, I wouldn’t usually say English. This however is not a normal day. This month, my English teacher gave us an independent study assignment, meaning we get to do whatever project we like as long as it fills some basic requirements for a typical English class. The project I’ve decided on I one that I’ve been hoping to get the chance to for awhile. I’m gonna make a podcast. Continue Reading »

The First

It’s like staring at an empty word document during NaNoWriMo. I’ve never been good at writing up a first post. I am always so nervous. I’ve only done one proper first post and that was back in 08, I was about thirteen I think. every other time, it’s been more of a coming soon page. I’m already veering off topic, even though I never had one to begin with. How odd.

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